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Smart Watch

Smart Watch Battery

micro power solution

Smart watches are popular among sports interests and professional athletes. It looks like no difference from normal watches accessories, while the small device is equipped with GPS function, even a sophisticated tracking and analyzing system for biological data when people are sweating in fitness centre or in the open air. Most of sports watches won a heart rate monitoring function, which can be an indicator for users to adjust their speed and intensity. Some are even applied in professional sports competitions. What power does the sports helpers use? Lithium Polymer battery has been the ideal choice of many newly designed electronic products with its high energy density, wide capacity range, light weight as well as long cycle life. TYPHON can design safe and reliable battery solutions to meet your various demands. TYPHON is also able to design customized small batteries for special needs of small-sized products.

Solution Features

Long run time

Long battery life fro several days can support your workouts, competitions, or adventures often exceed the duration of a long workday, like 24-hour mountain bike races, multi-day backpacking trips, and other long-distance activities.

Excellent environmental acclimation characteristics

大发麻将TYPHON lithium batteries are designed with wide temperature range and good performance in vibration and heat conditions, supporting the sport watch in various outdoor uses.

GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices Battery

Micro Power Solution

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) can provide accurate location data of all kinds of terrestrial and avian wildlife research and management. GPS tracking technology has been adopted in the management of vehicles, tracks and flotillas which belong to movable assets. At present, the tracking system is usually powered by an individual battery with two power supply solutions: rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, and non-rechargeable lithium thionyl chloride battery. And the battery type chosen for the product is greatly decided by the operation environment and type of the product.

Solution Features

High energy density

Extended duration tracking requires large capacity batteries。 EEMB micro batteries are designed with high energy density, which are smaller in size but remain high capacity。 They can support micro GPS tracking devices working for several months, even one or more years, providing strong power base for the integrated tracking system。

Stable electrical characteristics

TYPHON lithium batteries own highly stable operating voltage with average voltage 3。7V and low self-discharge rate, utilizing electricity to the utmost degree。

Small & light

Button-shaped and small cylindrical lithium batteries are compatible to all tiny dimension GPS tracking devices installed in hidden or concealed places。

IoT Solution

IoT Solution Battery

Micro Power Solution

IoT (Internet of Things), refers to a network capable of intelligently identifying, positioning, monitoring and managing things。 It is achieved by the information exchange and communication among things by using information sensors on the basis of Internet。 IoT aims to “cut off” cumbersome cables and wires, and to offer people free and uninhibited connections to various devices。 The widespread deployment IoT devices is being held back by a significant limiting factor: power supply。 Low-power wireless networks made of autonomous, wirelessly connected sensors are a key enabler for the Internet of Things (IoT)。 Thus, more excellent electric, environmental and safe performance of IoT batteries are required by users。One attractive option comes to lithium battery, that provides a positive support for the spreading and development of IoT。 Lithium batteries are most commonly seen as button or coin cell format for IoT-type applications, also available in wafer or cylindrical forms, with the latter providing higher energy density。 As a professional lithium battery manufacturer, TYPHON batteries will be your great power options for various IoT devices。 Designed with low self-discharge rate, long cycle life, smooth discharge curve, safe and stable performance, TYOHON’s ER, CR, and other serial battery products as well as customized battery solutions would be your nice choice of supplying power over the lifetime of IoT products。

Solution Features

High power and capacity

Rechargeable lithium battery with higher capacity can be used in electricity-relying IoT appliances in household or offices. Robust and stable power output can support long time operation and wireless interconnection of various “things.”

Excellent electrical performance

大发麻将The CR lithium battery with a manganese dioxide material (Li-MnO2) owns lower internal impedance, supplying higher pulse currents at the expense of a slightly higher self-discharge rate and lower performance at high temperature environments. Lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) ER chemistry can offer extremely-low self-discharge rate, enabling a battery life of 20 years or more and power supply in some circumstances for high-endurance products.

Durability and stability

Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery(Li-MnO2 battery) owns high portability and long storage time for about 15 years. With a wide operation temperature range, Li-MnO2 battery can be applied in various products, such as powering devices, security equipment and all types of electronic devices. A typical application is water purifier, which, by the strong and stable battery power supply, can perform a broad-range water contamination treatment and a fully autonomous water purifier with battery backup.

Solution Specifications

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset Battery

Micro Power Solution

TYPHON Battery – The solution for your bluetooth device. Bluetooth has driven innovation in connecting devices everywhere. TYPHON has the capability to power bluetooth devices with its professionally manufactured lithium-ion batteries. Bluetooth technology has freed users from the inconvenience of being entangled or limited by wires. The hands-free devices such as bluetooth headsets provide a convenient chatting and music listening experience.
With all the technology and innovations, bluetooth devices need high capacity batteries in order to run smoothly. Bluetooth headsets are powered by non-rechargeable batteries which need to be replaced with time. Therefore, choosing batteries with perfect performance is fundamental to the continuous usage of bluetooth devices. TYPHON manufactures lithium-ion battery series, such as LIR1655 and LIR1255, which best suit bluetooth headsets both in physical characteristics and electrical performance.

Solution Features

High energy density

Lithium ion chemistry with high power density makes the battery small in dimensions and light in weight, more suitable for small electronic devices. Strong power output can support long working time of your blutooth earphones.

High safety & reliability

TYPHON LIR batteries contain no floating lithium ion, ensuring safer usage. Each battery is well tested in electrical, sand safety performance before leaving the factory. Under normal usage, its cycle life is no less than 300 times with a capacity retention of 80%.

Robust and long battery life

Its operation voltage is 3.6V, approximately 3 times the voltage of Ni-MH or Ni-CD batteries, providing stable and durable power output for multiple functions of bluetooth earphones including phonecalls, FM, MP3player.

Solution Specifications

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